German police did not detect abuse

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German police did not detect abuse

Post  CY870722 on Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:13 am

louis vuitton outlet Police accused of failing to detect abuse and excessive use of force under the German. In last Thursday on its Web site published a report, the London-based human rights watchdog accused the demonstrators in the march against the use and excessive use of force to expel the German police.

louis vuitton wallet The human rights group said the police must take into account the law. "Law enforcement officials above the law, they are so. This means that the police must be responsible for law, the state and the public, said:" Europe and Central Asia Deputy Project Director. "Does not live up to the effective and independent investigation of international standards, leading to the climate of impunity and lack of accountability," Amnesty warned.

louis vuitton bags sale Human rights groups expressed concern, "although the German national law and international law obligations, abuse of authority, the police promised to continue to happen." Amnesty International asked the German officials to take appropriate measures to address the use of an independent CAPO institutions. "Police officers responsible for criminal acts must make full and fair judicial process,." However, the German police of the Union, rejected the establishment of an independent commission to handle complaints against the proposal. "Victims have at their disposal the means of redress," AFP quoted him as saying.


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