Asteroid could hit Earth in 2182

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Asteroid could hit Earth in 2182

Post  CY870722 on Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:48 am

louis vuitton outlet To force of a thunderbolt of a galaxy of potential comets toward the Earth, mass extinction in sight. At this time, spacecraft sky in all human beings can live to see it, and those like Hollywood-like plot, it may become a reality in 200 years.

louis vuitton wallet According to recent reports, in 1999 discovered an asteroid RQ36 have one in a thousand chance of hitting Earth in 2200 years ago, hit the power equivalent to hundreds of nuclear bombs detonating simultaneously. The planet most likely in September 24, 2182 hit the Earth, but scientists want to collect rock samples on the planet in order to more accurately predict its orbit.

louis vuitton bags sale Southwest Research Institute scientists on the "National Geographic magazine," said, RQ36 if it hit Earth, "that would be a huge impact force, like hundreds of pieces most powerful nuclear bomb ever exploded simultaneously, will leave 10 km in diameter pit. "


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