Russia is still 371 points of fire

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Russia is still 371 points of fire

Post  CY870722 on Mon Aug 16, 2010 11:51 pm

louis vuitton outlet Russia is responsible for processing satellite information ScanEx release engineering company spokesman in Moscow said pictures taken by NASA satellite monitoring shows that in Russia at present has a total of 371 infrared radiation characteristics of the "fire point", most of which is forest fire.

Satellite data show that the Russian central point decline in the numbers of forest fires, the U.S. satellites discovered Sverdlov fire in the state have 83 points, Perm Krai there are 17, Saratov Oblast, Arkhangelsk Oblast , Tver each of 10 states, other parts of the insufficient number of 10 fire sites.

louis vuitton wallet Another satellite found "Fire Point" does not necessarily have all the forest fires, which may be abnormal high temperature and other properties of heat, even in Russia would a large metallurgical companies calculate the internal workshop.


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