South African President to visit China next week

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South African President to visit China next week

Post  CY870722 on Tue Aug 17, 2010 11:24 pm

louis vuitton outlet President of South Africa will be held August 24 to 26 visit. Although the visit has not yet started activities, but has caused South Africa's national financial media attention.

South Africa's leading financial magazine reported, the Zuma's visit to China, to the office a visit within a year or so after issuing the "BRICs": Brazil, Russia, India and China. Among them, China is the last stop. The article said that Zuma's visit to four countries in this, that the government wants to use "BRIC" trade and investment opportunities, to restructure the South African economy.

louis vuitton wallet In recent years, South Africa has been trying to find new partners, "BRIC" has become the focus of developing new partnerships. In particular by the financial crisis, South Africa's trade with the European Union plummeted, and the emerging economies like China that the trade has withstood the test last year China has become South Africa's largest trading partner.


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