Mediterranean is 6 meters long whale

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Mediterranean is 6 meters long whale

Post  CY870722 on Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:58 pm

louis vuitton outlet Recent weakness of the Strait of Gibraltar in the Mediterranean found a number of the first giant whale, and then sent on quickly to conduct follow-up study. Researchers and photographers into the water close contact with these giants, we found that the lens will see some giant whale smile, or vomit from the bubble, look quite funny.

Mediterranean, the Strait of Gibraltar this rare whale there so many scholars very excited, and rushed to a local study tour. Kessler is adjusted when the photographer shooting angle, and found an adult whale was swimming to him, the last to see the general feeling, as in giggle cute, but in fact it is in the observation of human beings if they are threatening.

louis vuitton wallet This approximately 20-foot-long whale, with very sharp teeth, but also quite unstable temperament, there will be aggressive in the next second.


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