Israel says it can not accept Iran to use nuclear energy

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Israel says it can not accept Iran to use nuclear energy

Post  CY870722 on Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:35 pm

coach outlet Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman issued a statement saying, Iran's violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions and International Atomic Energy Agency decisions, failed to comply with "the NPT" provisions of the relevant obligations, "it enjoyed a national nuclear energy for Guo Shi Shi Yong completely Wufa people to accept. "

coach handbags "The international community should exert more pressure on Iran to comply with international decisions, to stop uranium enrichment activities and the construction of reactors," he said.

coach bags The United States and Israel accuse Iran of long-term peaceful development of nuclear weapons with nuclear secrets grounds, Iran denies, insisting its nuclear program is for civilian purposes. This year in June, the UN Security Council passed a resolution on Iran's nuclear program to implement the fourth round of sanctions against Iraq.


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