Just take a good, not mind the pain

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Just take a good, not mind the pain

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Just take a good, not mind the pain

Post  cyclq on Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:14 pm

cheap chanel handbags depressed yesterday, tomorrow is unknown.

Rise today and found that the clouds is very beautiful, the sky is blue and very clear, which busy, I told myself I had the sky above has been very broad.

In a bad mood, do not forget to always remind ourselves to see the sky, in fact, at the foot of the road is huge.

replica chanel watches, will some day, you may blame my mother took you to this world, let you feel the pain of being a human being,

But at the same time, my mother also hope you realize that being a human being, and more happiness and joy in the world there are many good things, far from redundant ugly,

To believe, in the shadow areas appear, there is always light.

Ah, my mother growing up with you.

gucci outlet I lay in bed, listening to your heart strong, the mother was happy to tears.

Forgive my mother, there were that stupid idea. Either way, your mother will live, and live better power.

cheap gucci bags looks forward to your arrival, baby, my mother will tell you, the world deserve our love.


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