Gulf of Mexico drilling platform explosion

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Gulf of Mexico drilling platform explosion

Post  CY870722 on Fri Sep 03, 2010 8:46 pm

louis vuitton outlet U.S. Coast Guard 2, said another Gulf of Mexico drilling platforms explosion.

louis vuitton jewlery Coast Guard officials said the explosion occurred in the south central Louisiana, about 80 nautical miles (approximately 148 km) of the Gulf of Mexico waters, a commercial helicopter that day at about half past nine explosions were reported regarding the drilling platform.

coach outlet The number of helicopters and Coast Guard boats have been dispatched to the accident site. Drilling platform accident, 13 workers, one of whom was injured in the explosion, the injury is unclear.

coach handbags U.S. Department of Homeland Security said the accident occurred underwater drilling platform in 2500 feet (750 meters) of the position, is headquartered in Houston, an energy company. The platform does not produce oil and natural gas. Not clear whether the current official oil spill.

coach bags The accident occurred in "deep water horizon," the waters west of drilling platforms. British Petroleum lease "Deep Horizon" platform in April this year, an explosion occurred, resulting in 11 deaths and injuries, and caused the worst in U.S. history, crude oil spill.


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