Buying an Holding Stocks?

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Buying an Holding Stocks?

Post  MANOLO on Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:47 pm

Ok you guessed it I am really new at investing, I have opened a Roth IRA about 3 months ago and invested in a mutual fund and a few stock picks heres my question. Will buying and holding stocks still work for me in the long run of investing instead of following the market every hour and burying then selling at the rise and fall of a few dollars. also I am looking at long term and with the market nowdays does buying and holding stocks for the long haul on blue chip companies a good choice and also do i stand a better chance at holding stocks for the long term and hopeto profit of the dividents? sorry for the long speech but I just need sound advice from your experience theirs so much i can get off reading books on investing.
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