Google Maps for Android add to on foot navigate function

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Google Maps for Android add to on foot navigate function

Post  aguo0719 on Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:38 pm

Though previous Google Maps the for Android edition has already had on foot route diagram function, at new of Google in 4.5 editions enter 1 more and release to on foot navigate.Navigate similar interface with car, also have a similar speech to navigate to remind, but you obviously can't are on-the-shelf in you's hat to look into to navigate route diagram at any time since an Android cellular phone, so Google thought a way, at the time of needing to be turned a corner the vibration reminds you all of a sudden.(coach outlet)When your cellular phone turns a direction, the street map on foot navigating will also change direction together, if you watch on foot navigate in the satellite diagram mode, so it looks and then seems a virtual compass.

Google Maps for Android 4.5 street view modes also have an improvement, you can be like on the computer over double click to come to quickly go to and of place, but need not click arrowhead all of a sudden all of a sudden.So on the cellular phone, you can pass to drag along little Huang Ren to the place for wanting, come to quickly let the street view jump there.However in addition to download Google Maps for Android 4.5, you still need to download alone again a be called Street View on Google Maps of application just can.(coach new handbags)

Google Maps for Android 4.5 last improvements come from to search function, now you can:

* According to distance or customer evaluation to search the result carry on alignment

* Look into a seller according to the price zone

* Can see crossing-sweeper all sellers


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