272 people were killed during the rainy season in Guatemala

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272 people were killed during the rainy season in Guatemala

Post  CY870722 on Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:24 pm

louis vuitton outlet According to the news from Guatemala City, from the beginning of May this year, the rainy season in Guatemala has increased the number of deaths of 272 people, mostly caused by the landslides. This is a national disaster coordinating agency announced yesterday.

The agency said in a communique to the Sept. 2010 in different parts of the country a total of 272 deaths. Statistics last report 253 deaths, 15 missing persons not included in the statistics. Disaster occurred in 3670 from this year, aid agencies required more coordination and response.

louis vuitton jewlery Official that this year's unusual weather phenomenon, are now over 60 million people were affected, compared with 24.2 million victims two years ago, an increase of 147%. Storm on the housing and road infrastructure increasingly heavy damage, especially bridges were destroyed, many Guatemalans cut off communication with the outside world.


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