Hammamet, Tunisia, train derailment

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Hammamet, Tunisia, train derailment

Post  CY870722 on Sun Sep 26, 2010 9:20 pm

true religion sale Hammamet, Tunisia tourist city with 24 train derailment occurred in the afternoon, there are no official reports of casualties. From China's Guizhou province, three young volunteers were slightly injured in the accident.

The train that morning from the city of Sfax Tunisia and Central opened, around 15:10 local time, about to enter the dock Hammamet, when suddenly the back of another train approaching the violent collision, resulting in overturning last carriage derailed.

true religion mens In the last carriage on the train Chinese youth volunteers told Xinhua by telephone, was then still pouring down rain, blurred vision, "we suddenly felt the train come under severe impact, the last section where we are then inclined derailed cars, cars in the sudden chaos, crying sound of the passengers into one. "


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