What's a good percentage range for trading?

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What's a good percentage range for trading?

Post  KajolThappar on Tue Sep 28, 2010 11:24 am

Time frame matters a lot -- most traders loose money over longer periods of time (18 months+) and are driven out of the game.

They talk a good game but the numbers say something quite different.

If your risk adjusted return after costs is over 7% for more than 3 years, you can probably get a job managing OPM. However, if you don't break 10%, you will likely be in the bottom half (not beating your benchmark) and you may or may not keep your job longer than a decade.

"The best" bat in the low teens over decades -- risk adjusted average return. A handful of giants, Warren Buffett is one, bat in the low 20%'s.

Technical side note: Salesmen can keep their job regardless of money management performance IF they keep the money rolling in and the commissions flowing to the right people. Money Managers (who are not also salesmen) have a tougher job. I've watched lousy ones hang on to top jobs for decades with a quick smile, a joke, and tickets to the ball game -- oh, and, a lot of fast bs -- but reputation is key and blowing up is common.

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