MobilePay: is time to throw away your wallet

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MobilePay: is time to throw away your wallet

Post  aguo0719 on Sun Oct 03, 2010 7:56 pm

Is not already tired of strolling around with a bulging wallet? (coach handbags) Or looked at a lot of credit cards, bank cards and a headache? Lost when a case is troublesome. (coach outlet)

If you are worried about how to do in case of lost cell phone, first of all, the program itself is encrypted, and secondly, credit card and other payment information, as mentioned earlier, is not stored in your phone, and finally, you can log in from any computer Web site to cancel the cards on the website associated with your phone. (coach madison collection)

So, such a service cost? According to the website to say, each transaction MobilePay will be 1% of the commission, and that the royalty paid by the merchant, so as a consumer, the service will be free. (Coach Luggage)


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