Governor of Al Qaeda in Yemen convoy ambushed

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Governor of Al Qaeda in Yemen convoy ambushed

Post  CY870722 on Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:25 pm

louis vuitton outlet She Bowa provincial security official in Yemen, 29, said provincial governor's convoy was the evening of 29 insurgents ambushed a group of bases, 3 An Baoshi soldiers were killed and five others were injured.

louis vuitton jewlery According to AFP news, the security officials said the attack in the province of Ash She Bowa valley near Bam, the governor and other senior officials, there were no casualties, but the entourage of security personnel injured 3 dead 5.

cheap chanel handbags Yemeni Defense Ministry said in a statement later, a group of "base" organization militants used rockets and machine guns from their positions in the Ash Bam Province team to She Bowa fired. Security forces have now sent sent to past to hunt down escaped killer.

chanel watches According to reports, recently, more than in southern Yemen, for armed and security forces intelligence headquarters in the attacks, "base" organizations in the Abyan, La Haji, She Bowa, Dali A high voice and other provinces in southern separatists frequent attacks.

true religion sale Yemeni government has increased the "base" organization's action.


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