Evacuation flights for security reasons

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Evacuation flights for security reasons

Post  CY870722 on Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:52 pm

louis vuitton outlet 7 American Airlines passenger plane before departure for security reasons was stopped, all the passengers to evacuate, all luggage was unloaded and searched.

louis vuitton jewlery U.S. media reported that two U.S. Airways ground crew for the day the plane flew to Bermuda from Philadelphia, U.S. Airways Flight 1070 passenger baggage shipment, another man dressed in company uniforms and are also involved in shipping, but this person is not related to identification.

cheap chanel handbags As the two employees did not know the people who stepped forward to ask, who then ran away, they immediately notify law enforcement authorities.

chanel watches Security services informed about this, stop the flight, the passengers evacuated the aircraft transferred to the airport a remote area to investigate. Remove all the baggage they drive, the implementation of the search. It is not clear whether the finding of dangerous goods. Law enforcement officers have yet to find suspects.

true religion sale U.S. aviation, said the plane there were 102 passengers and five crew members, all of them were transferred to a waiting bus. It is unclear whether they would switch to other flights.


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