Ecuador, riot police detain 14 in

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Ecuador, riot police detain 14 in

Post  CY870722 on Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:49 pm

louis vuitton outlet According to foreign reports, Ecuador, a judge announced the 14 riot police officers suspected of involvement in the implementation of preventive detention the police.

louis vuitton jewlery September 30, Ecuador national police take place in several cities to protest, demanding the abolition of the military and police welfare cuts the legal terms. Protests resulted in more serious disturbances broke out, 10 people were killed and 274 injured. President Correa has been hijacked.

cheap chanel handbags Riots broke out, 46 police officers were arrested, of whom 22 have been released. Prosecutors said that hundreds of riot police to participate is being investigated.

chanel watches The current situation in Quito has returned to normal, traffic police and patrol duty in the streets. However, near the presidential palace in the old city and near the Eritrean National Assembly, many heavily armed soldiers still serving as a guard mission.

true religion sale Ecuador National Assembly on September 29 by a public service law, the law reduced the welfare of police and soldiers, and limits the police and military honors and promotions.


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