Asked the United States recognize a Palestinian state

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Asked the United States recognize a Palestinian state

Post  CY870722 on Mon Oct 11, 2010 7:49 pm

louis vuitton outlet President of the Palestinian National Authority on 9 pointed out that if the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks fail, Pakistan will ask the United States recognize a Palestinian state.

louis vuitton jewlery Two Associated Press quoted diplomats as saying that the Arab countries, Arab League Abbas in a closed-door special summit meeting on the program.

cheap chanel handbags Arab League leaders told the gathering that he expected Israel to stop building settlements does not compromise the same time, Pakistan peace talks, the requirements of internal opposition to the increasingly strong. "We have no choice." Abbas said.

chanel watches The two diplomats, and said, Arab leaders, once the peace talks failed, the Arab countries urged the United States admitted the West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem as territory of the Palestinian state; If it does not respond positively to the Arab countries should be required United Nations Security Council recognize a Palestinian state.

true religion sale Israel and the Palestinians to resume direct negotiations in September. However, due to Israel's refusal to freeze construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, facing the breakdown of peace talks.


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