Chile miners trapped in a well is expected tomorrow

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Chile miners trapped in a well is expected tomorrow

Post  CY870722 on Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:40 pm

louis vuitton outlet We want to make plans with the force of law, so in the future things can be determined through consultation, if we deal with properly, we do not have to work after the rest of your life.

louis vuitton jewlery With a burst of cheers, Chile successfully completed the rescue workers, relief channel 11, the inner wall of the laying of reinforcement work. This means that the trapped miners Masui preparatory work prior to completion.

cheap chanel handbags Followed by a tank equipped with life-saving tests, equipped with tanks reduced to 610 meters without a problem, rescue plan is expected to complete successfully.

chanel watches Expected to rise on the 13th fastest growing well, said Minister of Mines of Chile, to save carrying tank test is successful, the official rescue operation will commence early morning local time on the 13th.

true religion sale Rescue experts agree that in the 624 meters have been digging through all the laying of the tunnel wall, project complexity and risk. Assessment report, deeper underground rock solid, landslides, less risk, so the work will focus on strengthening from the ground within 96 meters of the tunnel.


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