70% of French people support the strike

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70% of French people support the strike

Post  CY870722 on Thu Oct 21, 2010 7:58 pm

louis vuitton outlet AP intensifying wave of strikes in France, strikes and riots in the event spread to the suburbs of Paris 20, protesters smashed shop windows and throwing stones to the police.

louis vuitton bags Authorities have deployed riot police stationed in the suburbs of Paris, preserving the order. At present, because very many workers to strike, the French transport, cleaning, education, manufacturing is mired in stagnation.

louis vuitton jewlery Strike in many places of conflict or violence upgraded to police protests. Survey shows that 70% of the country people have to support the strike.

cheap chanel handbags Young people wearing hoods and scarves in the Paris suburb of Nanterre street demonstrations.

chanel watches Authorities have deployed riot police deployed to the region. Police have occurred here in recent days the conflict, broken glass and burned car tires are still everywhere.

true religion jeans sale French government to send police overnight, re-opened the three were demonstrators shut down a large oil storage facilities.


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