French general strike turned into vandalism activities

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French general strike turned into vandalism activities

Post  CY870722 on Sun Oct 24, 2010 10:44 pm

louis vuitton outlet France intensified strikes on the 20th. From the capital Paris to the southern port of Marseille, the transport system by varying degrees.

louis vuitton bags Some cities in the south, protesters threw stones, looting shops and burning cars. As the days go on strike to protest can not continue to obstruct reform, violence in some cities began to grow.

louis vuitton jewlery French President the same day that he had ordered the police break the strike people plugging the fuel storage to restore fuel supply.

cheap chanel handbags 20 people in a strike blocking Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and Orly airport. Leading to the airport into chaos. Some passengers were forced to walk several hundred meters pulling luggage at the airport.

chanel watches Paris officials said normal operation of subway that day, but the other half of commuter trains will be forced outage.

true religion jeans sale In the southern city of Nantes, demonstrators in the street running and throwing stones, looting shops. In Lyon, demonstrators threw debris, burning trucks.


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