Tornadoes in the eastern United States were

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Tornadoes in the eastern United States were

Post  CY870722 on Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:14 pm

louis vuitton outlet Large areas of Central America and southern tornadoes and strong cyclones hit, causing many houses collapsed, at least tens of million power outages, and many people injured.

louis vuitton bags The largest city along the Great Lakes in Chicago, on the day of the storm severely damaged, close to the level of strong tornadoes and heavy rain caused houses to collapse cyclones, circuit interruption, and caused power outages to local 70000.

louis vuitton jewlery Chicago, Illinois where there were several other reports appeared around the tornado, and nearly 100,000 power outages.

laguna beach jeans Ohio, Greater Cincinnati area and Memphis, Tennessee, and many schools in the Weather Bureau before the early dismissal at noon, to avoid escalating winds.

true religion jeans sale U.S. media reported that this wind is not only a wide coverage area, and moving fast, according to the U.S. national weather forecast, this may be postponed to Wednesday the wind will weaken.


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