United States announced measures to strengthen aviation security

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United States announced measures to strengthen aviation security

Post  CY870722 on Sun Oct 31, 2010 9:25 pm

louis vuitton outlet In the cargo to the United States suspected explosives were found, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced 29 measures to strengthen the U.S. aviation security.

louis vuitton bags Department of Homeland Security said in a statement, these security measures include strengthening the inspection of air cargo, and so strengthen security at the airport.

louis vuitton jewlery Air travelers at the airport, passengers may face more security measures, such as traces of explosives on luggage to carry out inspection, advanced imaging scan, search and bomb sniffing dogs searched inspection. Department of Homeland Security also warned travelers vigilant, once immediately report any suspicious circumstances.

laguna beach jeans The White House said in a statement earlier in the day, by evening of 28 countries in two planes to the United States found a suspicious package. Relevant agencies in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates Dubai East Midlands intercepted these two parcels from Yemen.

true religion jeans sale After the discovery of the suspicious package, law enforcement officials in Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York searching aircraft, cargo trucks and other related tools, there is no more suspicious packages found.


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