Influenza A H3N2 influenza early warning

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Influenza A H3N2 influenza early warning

Post  CY870722 on Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:07 pm

louis vuitton outlet 30 days, according to Swedish public television reported that the Swedish health authorities have issued a warning, requiring the elderly and other high-risk groups in the winter and next spring to pay special attention to prevent the invasion of influenza H3N2 influenza.

louis vuitton bags Swedish communicable disease control said, from the global development trend, the Swedish winter and next spring will focus on H3N2 influenza pandemic influenza, due to a long time coming since the last popular, people now have less resistance to this virus, therefore need to pay attention to prevention, especially in some special attention to prevent high-risk groups.

louis vuitton jewlery Swedish Health and Welfare and the Swedish Communicable Disease Control has urged over 65 years old, heart disease, some chronic diseases and poor immune function in people injected with influenza A H3N2 influenza vaccine as soon as possible to prevent virus attacks.

laguna beach jeans Experts believe that pregnant women, overweight and physical special needs children are also injected influenza H3N2 influenza vaccine to enhance immunity.

true religion jeans sale In addition, the Swedish Institute for infectious diseases specialists also require people to pay special attention to personal hygiene this winter and spring, especially to wash their hands, to prevent infection.


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