Google released the latest WebM video software

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Google released the latest WebM video software

Post  ascispumanike on Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:17 pm

(cheap puma shoes)WebM Google has released the first major video software update, its performance has improved. Google product manager John WbeM - Lu Zeer (John Luther), wrote in a blog that is named "Aylesbury" the new software to better performance in encoding,(cheap nike shox) video decoding WebM's faster. Lu Zeer plans scheduled for this week's Streaming Media West conference details posted on the Aylesbury software, which will include a detailed status report and how to adapt to new HTML5 standard. (asics gel shoes)
(nike shox shoes)Lu Zeer said that in the video decoding, calculated by the number of frames per second, Aylesbury is faster 20% to 40%, mainly due to the single-and multi-core processors with better memory usage, better, and support for SSE3 processor instruction and so on. At the same time, for the preparation of WebM video users, Aylesbury encoded with improved quality due to compression artifacts in the reduced visibility.(puma store)
(asics gel)WebM VP8 video codec used for video encoding and decoding, and use the Ogg Vorbis codec for audio. (puma online)Through its open-source, royalty-free WebM technology, Google is hoping to use a different widely used today, the standard H.264 AVC technology to inspire online video industry. (nike shox)


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