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Fse Listing

Post  MarkBragg on Mon Mar 28, 2011 1:55 am

FSE new listing requirements and how to meet them for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

The new regulations as of February 14th 2011 that have become effective ...for the completion of the new conditions in the "First Quotation Board" announced by Deutsche Börse.

Untill the 30th of September 2011 every company listed (currently listed and in future) in the open market has to verify the completion of the new conditions.

If the currently listed companies don't achieve the conditions upon this date (and send the requested documents) , Börse will delist the companies with effect of 15th of November2011.

In case, you'll decide to do it with a prospectus and need a recommendation for an attorney to do it, pls. let us know a.s.a.p. there are actual limited capacities and the time to get it done is not comfortable anyway.

If you are a European Holdings firm, we have registered Auditors and CPAs on staff who can verify and confirm your shareholder equity.

Please let us know, how you decide (doing prospectus or confirmation of a CPA on a Minimum 500k EUR equity capital, with 0,1EUR per share each).

About Frankfurt Stock Exchange Listings:
FSE Listings Inc can supply full service listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange including incorporation of a holding company, supply of a UK auditor for shareholder equity confirmation, a registrar/transfer agent, market maker/designated sponsor, all required documentation and due diligence, including fees to the Frankfurt stock exchange. Meet the requirements, list in 3-6 weeks.

If you have any questions about the process, feel free to contact “info at fselistings dotcom”
Many companies from around the world are looking for alternative methods of financing. The Banks will not and cannot supply the type of financing that starts a business or advances one whose capital has been depleted.

The reality is that an IPO supersedes most forms of financing, investors know this, Banks know this, but somewhere along the line the companies get the poor decision to stay private.
When do you decide to go public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange?
Anytime a firm can go public on the exchange as long as they meet the listing requirements. Contact us to see if you qualify.
About FSE Listings Inc:

FSE Listings Inc is run by a team of global professionals from South Africa, Germany, Netherlands,
Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, India, China, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, the US, New Zealand, Australia, and Latin America. FSE Listings Inc has the largest network of sales agents and professionals of any FSE Listings agency. Several firms try to imitate FSE Listings, some may refer to themselves as FSE Group, FSE Listings, or FSE Merger Law, etc, the real FSE Listings Inc is managed by Mr. Gibson, Robert Russell, Mark Bragg, and their European counter parts. All of the listings are done directly through FSE Listings Inc with no middleman, no hidden fees, no extra costs, no percentages of the company, and the Listing is guaranteed for those who follow the procedure of FSE Listings! Since 2000, we have been listing and financing firms on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as FSE Listings. We are the only FSE Listing firm you require.

• Robert Russell Russell@fselistings.com
• Mark Bragg Info@fselistings.com
• New York: +1-914-613-3889
• UK: +44(0)2081235719
• Hong Kong: 81753591
• South Africa: +27110836116


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Re: Fse Listing

Post  frendo on Fri Sep 23, 2011 2:41 am

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