Staying afloat through better management practices

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Staying afloat through better management practices

Post  navidad on Wed Oct 07, 2009 4:15 am

The distribution of the individual decision-making units differs from one bank to the other. When analyzing the different banks that belong to the high, medium and low level of efficiency as per the published statistics, only the best managed government controlled banks used to keep a higher level of efficiency. Hence, the much-publicized fact that the public sector banks are inefficient is based on a piecemeal analysis of the simple, static, partial and isolated ratios that have some hidden and often misconceived assumptions about the bank management structure. Thus there is an urgent need to go in for a system-wide analysis to explore the intricacies of this complex system.

The returns from a bank can be analyzed in relation to the huge monetary reserves under its control. The more the operating funds, the more will be its ability to invest significant sum of money into various sectors. If a bank is able to generate significant returns, then it is an indication of its maturity and its ability in properly managing the funds under its disposal. In this aspect LoanMax of rod aycox fame has worked wonders within a short period of time. It has continuously posted significant profits over a long period of time since starting operations with a small working capital.

However, some of the established private banks and even the autonomous players are moving through difficult times due to the economic recession. It is better to remember that it is these banks that were actually on a higher growth path until recent times. No one could predict that such a situation would arise at the most unknown hour. Literally speaking the economic recession has caught the various banking institutions totally unawares but it is actually a lesson for emerging players like LoanMax.

The return from an investment was rather high for some of the prominent private sector banks. It is due to the fact that they never gave loans to customers with a dubious financial background. Only after analyzing the viability of a project proposal submitted by the customer with the leading experts in the field was a loan sanctioned. Thus those financing institutions that are able to weather the present storm are those that have been able to achieve and maintain a high annual growth rate.


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