Solar-powered aircraft flying at night

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Solar-powered aircraft flying at night

Post  CY870722 on Wed Aug 11, 2010 2:14 am

louis vuitton outlet Large aircraft, and only Solar has successfully completed the longest in the history of the highest levels of solar flight. Hepatitis B - Singapore Airlines to fly as fast as the sun washed 26 hours, 9 minutes, average speed of 23 v68, the highest elevation of 8564 meters.

louis vuitton wallet Such as the wingspan of the aircraft - 12000 Solar Wing 2.44 - m. "Unbelievable, than we expected. We have to make it successful, but ... we found that we need to show that they let me go back, so I'm here to tell Reuters:" Borschberg TV pilot Andre.

louis vuitton bags sale That the project is a potential renewable energy and clean technology, and that in 2012 the first aircraft navigation Global Earth. "Our permanent flying, Switzerland, the President said, who is most famous Pickard project Butte completed balloon in 1999. Solar Impulse HB - 160 kilograms, consists of four motors, energy conservation, starting with Singapore Airlines about, flying in the world solar cells during the day. Sponsored is planning to establish another similar aircraft.


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