Japan's Self-Defense Force helicopter crash

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Japan's Self-Defense Force helicopter crash

Post  CY870722 on Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:31 pm

louis vuitton jewlery Local time at 9:00 on the 3rd or so, the Osaka Police Department received about Yao City, Osaka Prefecture GSDF base informed the crash occurred. According to the local fire department said the plane was seriously injured a person, the other 3 people were slightly injured. GSDF said that 4 per capita of danger.

cheap chanel handbags Eight police said that there is dust rising in the vicinity, but the news did not hurt the general public.

chanel watches Local time at 9:26 on October 3, Japan 5 earthquakes occurred in Northeast China. There are no casualties reported.

true religion sale The speed of the Japan Meteorological Agency reported that more areas of Niigata Prefecture, on level 5, level 4 in the Vietnam region, northern Nagano Prefecture 3. Meteorological Agency said no tsunami earthquake. From the source to the news that violent shaking of the earthquake around the first 5 seconds, then the vertical intense shaking again.


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