Denmark Offshore Wind Power Enable

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Denmark Offshore Wind Power Enable

Post  CY870722 on Wed Oct 13, 2010 7:39 pm

louis vuitton outlet German energy giant E. ON said that, with 90 turbines Roedsand 2 offshore wind power plant southeast of 12 in operation in Denmark, this world one of the best offshore wind power plants produce electricity for 200,000 homes.

louis vuitton jewlery Offshore wind power plant is located in the Baltic Sea, located in about 150 km south of Copenhagen. This 2009 start of construction of power plants, turbines by 5 rows, each row of erecting 18 turbines, turbines manufactured by the German Siemens company, the annual output of 207 megawatts of electricity.

cheap chanel handbags This power plant construction cost of 4.0 billion Danish kroner (about 50 billion yuan), to reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions of 70 tons. Denmark has about 20% of electricity from wind power.

chanel watches Global Wind Energy Council and Greenpeace released a report on 12 forecasts, 20 years wind power will be able to supply one-fifth of global electricity demand.

true religion sale Last year, the global wind power market growth of 41.7%, Global Wind Energy Council Secretary General said that the Chinese in 2009, installed global wind power generation equipment list came second, also the largest purchaser of wind technology.


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