Switzerland, all through the world's longest railway tunnel

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Switzerland, all through the world's longest railway tunnel

Post  CY870722 on Sun Oct 17, 2010 7:54 pm

louis vuitton outlet Alps in central Switzerland Gottfried Bernhard 15, all through the railway tunnel, which stretches for 57 kilometers of the tunnel is the world's longest railway tunnel.

louis vuitton bags Gottfried Bernhard tunnel cost nearly 98 billion Swiss francs, the connection is currently under construction in Germany, Switzerland and Italy, an important high-speed rail project.

louis vuitton jewlery By then, there will be at least 300 times a day by Gottfried Bernhard train tunnel, the average speed of passenger trains will reach 250 km, freight trains can reach 160 kilometers per hour.

cheap chanel handbags Gottfried Bernhard tunnel across the European continent has an important role in north-south traffic, is meeting in Luxembourg, EU transport ministers of 27 countries witnessed a video of their day through the whole process.

chanel watches Gottfried Bernhard tunnel project was launched since 1999, works were divided into 5 simultaneously, saving construction time.

true religion jeans sale Gottfried Bernhard tunnel length than the world's longest railway tunnel had a total length of 54 km Seikan railway tunnel in Japan, the Swiss media, proudly called the "Century tunnel."


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