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Ford car online life

Post  ascispumanike on Sun Oct 31, 2010 8:49 pm

(cheap puma shoes)Henry Ford Technical Fellow Ford Motor Electrical and Electronic System Engineering Jim Buczkowski, director of recently accepted an interview with technology blog ReadWriteWeb,(asics gel shoes) Ford introduced the vehicle computer system and Ford's automotive MyFord Touch online life strategy.(cheap nike shox)
(nike shox classic)Today, the car computer from the car's engine compartment to move the instrument panel.(puma store) This migration is one of the leading Ford Motor Company. Ford introduced a new car MyFord Touch system, placed around the driver an unprecedented variety of interactive tools. The first car fully equipped vehicle control system and MyFord Touch Sync SDK (Car Multimedia Infotainment System Software Development Kit) is the 2011 Edge.asics
(puma future cat)Developers can use the Sync, an application integrated into the Ford Motor MyTouch system. Music site Pandora, Media Stitcher and BlackBerry Twitter client OpenBeak has been updated with Ford's new system of cooperation.(asics gel) Through the use of Nuance Communications, a leading speech recognition technology, drivers can use voice control of computer systems and associated automotive equipment. MyFord Touch the direction of the navigation system, temperature preferences, and even the audio response shox


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