Indian police chief degeneration

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Indian police chief degeneration

Post  CY870722 on Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:01 pm

louis vuitton outlet India became a transgender woman police chief, in order to continue to take care of his wife, he let his wife into his own daughter.

According to reports, the man is the capital of the police chief uta, a proven track record fighting crime. Recently, he suddenly go to work dressed as a woman to the police station, he was kind enough to announce that he has successfully degeneration, is the woman in the future.

louis vuitton wallet In order for several years with his wife, no problem, he has authority to change the household registration, the wife as a daughter, a month will give her the living expenses of about 3200 yuan. He also disclosed that he always wanted to be a woman, is also hard for years that his wife was.


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